The USA Tour DLC is available now!

Embark on New Off-Roading Adventures Across the Great American West in Dakar Desert Rally’s USA Tour Update

The open-world rally racing game’s latest premium DLC, out now on PC and consoles, introduces a sprawling new map, rally raids and treasure hunt events

Hello, pilots! Today, we are delivering Patch 2.1, which brings the final installment for Dakar Desert Rally’s Season Pass DLC, the new USA Tour, along with fixes for the Roadbook Editor and the flickering image of the roadbook in the cockpit view that have been highly requested by the community.

You can read the full details below!

New Content

USA Tour

  • Explore multiple open-world maps
    You can now navigate through the global Earth map to select between Saudi Arabia and USA map.
  • USA map navigation
    Explore landscapes inspired by iconic North American landmarks, from the Grand Canyon
    to the Nevada Desert to Yellowstone, in both Rally Raid competitions and Free Roam
    mode, all throughout a 256 km2 map size.

Compete in the Rally events:

Sport Game Mode:

  • USA Tour Qualifications (3x Stages)
  • Yellowstone Rally (4x Stages)
  • Nevada Desert Rally (4x Stages)
  • Grand Canyon Rally (4x Stages)
  • USA Tour (5x Stages)

Professional Game Mode:

  • Yellowstone Rally (3x Stages)
  • Nevada Desert Rally (3x Stages)
  • Grand Canyon Rally (3x Stages)
  • USA Tour (3x Stages)

USA Free Roam / Treasure Hunt Events:

  • Grand Canyon I (20 Treasures)
  • Grand Canyon II (20 Treasures)
  • Yellowstone I (25 Treasures)
  • Yellowstone II (20 Treasures)
  • Nevada Desert I (20 Treasures)
  • Nevada Desert II (15 Treasures)
  • USA Tour (20 Treasures)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Roadbook image glitched and flashed on vehicles when using the cockpit camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was unable to complete the track due to poor driving, especially in tight offroad curves.
  • Fixed the inability to validate very long roadbooks due to AI losing track of the path after a set distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI got lost during world shift while validating the path in Roadbook Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not support sending a game invitation via in-title functionality after joining a pre-game lobby hosted by another user.
  • Fixed crash issues between WP005 and WP006 at Red Sea Rally – Stage 03 (Sport).
  • Fixed a soft-lock on the loading screen into the race at some events.
  • Fixed a crash on some loading screens.

Thank you for reading these release notes! We want to thank you and all of our players who have been very patient with us, including those of you who took the effort to report issues, provide feedback, and showed us a big passion for Dakar since release!

This is the end of a memorable journey for the team. We dedicated much of our time into delivering this content and fixes for the issues in Dakar Desert Rally with the hope of ending with a stable product that everyone can enjoy.

Following this update, the Known Issues article on the Saber Support and game’s websites will be removed. Stay tuned for our Dakar Desert Rally live stream this Thursday, in which we will be exploring the new USA Tour map. See you soon at the dunes!