job description

Saber Interactive Porto is a videogame developer, part of the Embracer group, known for its work on Dakar Desert Rally, the highly anticipated continuation of Dakar 18, which was developed under the BigMoon flag. Instituted in 2019 after the integration of BigMoon into the larger Saber family, these later years Saber Interactive Porto has been growing exponentially not only in team size, but also in infrastructure, always aiming for the best quality of all the ongoing and future projects. For this very reason, Saber Porto Interactive is constantly looking for the most talented, dedicated, and passionate people to join our ranks. If you feel enthusiastic about a TECHNICAL ANIMATOR position, feel free to send us your application and give yourself a chance to come and work with us.


  • Work closely with riggers, animators, art direction, designers, and programmers to understand gameplay intentions and achieve main objective

  • Propose animation systems adapted to the needs of the game by collaborating with the project team

  • Collaborate with the art team to understand the overall game vision of rigging and skinning needs

  • Be transparent about the potential problems related to animations, animation systems and rigs

  • Work closely with animators to make models move believably and overcome any motion-related limitations

  • Researching and developing new techniques, approaches and solutions as required

  • Quickly make prototypes that will serve as a basis for animation and gameplay-related discussions

  • Estimate and manage the time required to carry out tasks within deadlines

  • Contribute to the design of our gameplay and tools systems

  • Work proactively and collaboratively to improve animation pipelines

  • Document software and features for internal and external teams


  • Have 2+ years in a technnical animation role

  • Understanding of basic animation principles

  • Able to write custom scripts and tools in Maya and UE5

  • Experience with rigging and skinning characters and/or vehicles

  • Experienced working on a variety of locomotion and attacks systems

  • Experienced working with Maya and UE5

  • Experience with engine-side implementation, such as UE5’s animation blueprints

  • Experience with real-time solutions like in-game IK, cloth, procedural animation


  • Experience in a shipped AAA game

  • Experience with Motion Builder

  • Experience working on genres such as third-person action/adventure, first or third-person shooters