The USA Tour DLC is available now!

Embark on New Off-Roading Adventures Across the Great American West in Dakar Desert Rally’s USA Tour Update

The open-world rally racing game’s latest premium DLC, out now on PC and consoles, introduces a sprawling new map, rally raids and treasure hunt events

Hello, pilots! Today, we are delivering Patch 2.1, which brings the final installment for Dakar Desert Rally’s Season Pass DLC, the new USA Tour, along with fixes for the Roadbook Editor and the flickering image of the roadbook in the cockpit view that have been highly requested by the community.

You can read the full details below!

New Content

USA Tour

  • Explore multiple open-world maps
    You can now navigate through the global Earth map to select between Saudi Arabia and USA map.
  • USA map navigation
    Explore landscapes inspired by iconic North American landmarks, from the Grand Canyon
    to the Nevada Desert to Yellowstone, in both Rally Raid competitions and Free Roam
    mode, all throughout a 256 km2 map size.

Compete in the Rally events:

Sport Game Mode:

  • USA Tour Qualifications (3x Stages)
  • Yellowstone Rally (4x Stages)
  • Nevada Desert Rally (4x Stages)
  • Grand Canyon Rally (4x Stages)
  • USA Tour (5x Stages)

Professional Game Mode:

  • Yellowstone Rally (3x Stages)
  • Nevada Desert Rally (3x Stages)
  • Grand Canyon Rally (3x Stages)
  • USA Tour (3x Stages)

USA Free Roam / Treasure Hunt Events:

  • Grand Canyon I (20 Treasures)
  • Grand Canyon II (20 Treasures)
  • Yellowstone I (25 Treasures)
  • Yellowstone II (20 Treasures)
  • Nevada Desert I (20 Treasures)
  • Nevada Desert II (15 Treasures)
  • USA Tour (20 Treasures)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Roadbook image glitched and flashed on vehicles when using the cockpit camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI was unable to complete the track due to poor driving, especially in tight offroad curves.
  • Fixed the inability to validate very long roadbooks due to AI losing track of the path after a set distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI got lost during world shift while validating the path in Roadbook Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not support sending a game invitation via in-title functionality after joining a pre-game lobby hosted by another user.
  • Fixed crash issues between WP005 and WP006 at Red Sea Rally – Stage 03 (Sport).
  • Fixed a soft-lock on the loading screen into the race at some events.
  • Fixed a crash on some loading screens.

Thank you for reading these release notes! We want to thank you and all of our players who have been very patient with us, including those of you who took the effort to report issues, provide feedback, and showed us a big passion for Dakar since release!

This is the end of a memorable journey for the team. We dedicated much of our time into delivering this content and fixes for the issues in Dakar Desert Rally with the hope of ending with a stable product that everyone can enjoy.

Following this update, the Known Issues article on the Saber Support and game’s websites will be removed. Stay tuned for our Dakar Desert Rally live stream this Thursday, in which we will be exploring the new USA Tour map. See you soon at the dunes!

The USA Tour DLC is available now! Read More »

The Big Fall Update for Dakar is here!

Create & Share Your Own Open-World Off-Road Challenges with Dakar Desert Rally’s New Free Custom Roadbook Editor

Season Pass Owners Can Unlock Two New Premium DLC Vehicle Packs Featuring Hybrid and Paris-Dakar Classic Vehicles

Buckle up and start your engines! Today’s free update for Dakar Desert Rally, the largest open-world rally racing game from Saber Interactive, adds a new feature fans have been waiting for since the game’s debut: the custom roadbook editor. Now you can create your own intensely challenging off-road race events and stages, then share them with the world! Patch 2.0 is driving out today, which brings a range of overall game enhancements and fixes, including a new replay and photo mode.

To commemorate today’s update, all players now have the opportunity to obtain the incredible Audi RS Q e-tron and the SnowRunner Cars Pack DLC at no cost. Owners of the Dakar Desert Rally Season Pass can now download two new premium DLC vehicle packs – Hybrid Vehicle Pack and Classics Vehicle Pack #2. Each pack is also available to purchase standalone for $9.99. 

You can read the full details below!

New Content

Roadbook Editor

Create your own roadbooks using the Roadbook Editor.

  • In the Main Menu, now you can select the “Roadbook Editor” option to create your own custom stages and events. In this option, you will be prompted to select a map to begin stage creation.
  • Once you select the starting point for a new roadbook, you will be spawned into the map and assume control, placing notes and editing them according to the guidelines set for the roadbook creation.
  • Throughout the roadbook editor process, you will receive guidance through warnings and error notifications, that will help you create a precise and accurate roadbook.
  • Once you finish creating your roadbook, you will need to validate and save it to be able to create an event from it.
  • Having created the stages and events, you can enjoy them individually, share them within the community via the Roadbook Editor’s sharing feature, or even initiate multiplayer sessions featuring these events, inviting other players to join.

Replay & Photo Mode

Replay Mode

  • At the conclusion of each stage, players now have the option to review their driving performance through replays. Switch between different camera angles to closely observe every detail of your race.

Photo Mode

  • While using the Replay feature, you can pause the reproduction of your driving and capture photos from your racing performance.

Audi RS Q e-tron

  • For those who have been waiting to get the Audi RS Q e-tron, the moment has just arrived. It is now available to acquire it for free!

This offer is accompanied by the following message:

To show our appreciation for your commitment to Dakar Desert Rally and to mark the latest update, we are thrilled to present every player with the incredible Audi RS Q e-tron. Thank you for your continued support, and enjoy the ride! – The Dakar Desert Rally Team

Hybrid Vehicle Pack

Dakar Rally embraces the gradual energy transition as a green initiative, in two main planks: the transformation of the engines powering the cars and trucks in the race and the use of renewable energy to power an innovative bivouac, what is called as “Dakar Future”.

To celebrate this initiative, we proudly invite you to drive with:


  • GCK Motorsport


  • Hino 600 Hybrid
  • Riwald Renault C460

SnowRunner Cars Pack

SnowRunner has returned to Dakar Desert Rally!

  • Get ready to extend your off-road rally experience with the SnowRunner Cars!

Drive five of the most powerful Cars from SnowRunner and overcome extreme open-world environments with the addition of 9 new stages.

Check out the iconic cars capable of overcoming any danger and the new stages that can be experienced either in Free-Roam mode or in Rally Raid competition:

SnowRunner Cars:

  • TUZ 166
  • DON 71
  • KHAN 39
  • KHAN 317
  • KHAN L04F

SnowRunner Rally Events:

Sport Game Mode 

  • SnowRunner Challenge (6x Stages)

Professional Game Mode

  • SnowRunner Challenge (3x Stages)

Classics Vehicle Pack #2

Paris-Dakar classics have arrived to Dakar Desert Rally!

  • Get ready for new off-road rally experience with the legendary vintage vehicles from 1982 and 1985, respectively:
  • Lada Niva 1600 4×4 (1982)

Drive the renowned Lada 1600 4×4 with Denis Grabowski and Philippe Chéron.

  • Honda Africa Twin (1985)

Experience one of the most well-known safarian bikes, the Honda NXR 750 NT5A, from

1985, with Cyril Neuve.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue in which Saudi Arabia Extended Map Events were not available for PlayStation users.
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred when a host restarted a private race on PlayStation.
  • Fixed an issue in which the client could not join the lobby created at Dakar Qualifications event on PS5.
  • Fixed Xbox One crash issues in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash issue after the Xbox console woke up from connected standby.
  • Fixed the “Monster Claw” achievement that could not be obtained on Xbox.

Known Issues

General Issues

  • Players may experience crashes after finishing the custom stage creation in the Roadbook Editor.
  • Rejoining the active session is unavailable after a network disconnect.
  • The game will crash if the internet disconnects while downloading 5+ events from the Community Browser simultaneously.
  • Music and sound effects disappear in the main menu after naming a stage created in Roadbook Editor.
  • Path snap does not follow off-road tracks on sand in several locations of the Saudi Arabia Map.
  • Path snap in Roadbook Editor cannot be applied to crossroads.
  • Vehicles may fall under the terrain while validating the path in the Roadbook Editor.
  • Players’ profile picture is missing from the community browser and custom events screens.
  • There is no steering wheel peripheral support for Replay Mode and Roadbook Editor.
  • Dashboard and roadbook flickers while in the cockpit camera.
  • Reflections in the rearview mirror for the SnowRunner cars appear blurry.
  • Reflections in the rearview mirror of the Peugeot Grand-Raid cars appear blurry.
  • The camera clips under the terrain during the start race cinematic of Neom 2021 Stage 07 (Sport) and Al Artawiyah Tour Stage 02 (Pro).
  • NPC models have t-pose when pausing the game while in replay mode.
  • YAR 87 driver’s hand does not come in contact with gear stick while in the clutch animation.
  • Vehicle appears to remain damaged at the start of the next stage after the repair in bivouac.

Lighting and Shadows General Issues

  • Damaged lights stop working after repositioning.
  • Quads’ front light assets do not turn when toggled.
  • There are lighting flickers at Ha’il Excursion – Stage 01 (Sport) on PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Flickering shadows observed at SnowRunner Challenge – Stage 03 (Sport) and Stage 01 (Pro).
  • Shadows appear and disappear during the intro cinematic and at the beginning of the race of Dakar Rally 2021 – Stage 07. Additionally, there are shadows from floating vegetation occurring during this stage.
  • Shadows flicker at Neom 2020 – Stage 03 (Sport).
  • Shadows appear and disappear at Yanbu 2021 – Stage 01 (Pro).
  • Shadows become black after changing effects settings to medium or low on PC.
  • Unnecessary shadows move during the start race cinematic at Dakar Rally 2020 Stage 01 (DLC Simulation) on PlayStation and PC.

PC Issues

  • Players may experience crashes during crossplay multiplayer on PC.
  • Vegetation textures disappear at Haradh Twist – Stage 02 (Sport) on PC.

PlayStation Issues

  • In-progress activities in single player disappear from the available activities after changing “ongoing events” on PS5.
  • “Dakar Legend” and “Simulation Winner” trophies conflict with each other on PS5:

The player may not receive the “Dakar Legend” trophy for finishing an event in Simulation Mode, but after that can receive the “Simulation Winner” trophy for finishing all stages in 1st place and vice versa. If the player receives the “Dakar Legend” trophy, “Simulation Winner” trophy cannot be unlocked.

  • “Forever Speedy” trophy cannot be unlocked on PS5.

Xbox Issues

  • Terrain textures disappear when switching quality mode settings on Xbox One.
  • Steering wheel feedback function does not work on Xbox consoles.

Thank you for taking a read through these release notes! In addition to the above, we also updated the FAQ

Stay tuned to our social channels and Discord server for more information about when the USA map along with some fixes will arrive with the next patch. Team Customisation will no longer be coming to the game. 

Join us for our Dakar Desert Rally live stream this Thursday!

The Big Fall Update for Dakar is here! Read More »

New “Classics Vehicle Pack #1” DLC Is Out Now!

Dakar Desert Rally’s New “Classics Vehicle Pack” DLC Is Out Now, Featuring the Legendary Porsche 959 & Tatra 815

The latest update for Dakar Desert Rally, the largest open-world rally racing game from Saber Interactive, introduces legendary classic vehicles from the Paris-Dakar Rally today in the new “Classics Vehicle Pack #1DLC, available as a free download on all platforms for owners of the Dakar Desert Rally Season Pass. It is also available to purchase standalone for $9.99.

Race across the desert with both the all-wheel-drive Porsche 959 as well as the powerful six-wheel Tatra 815 truck. Today also marks the release of Patch 1.9, which adds an overall performance boost for the game, as well as new voice-over support for a variety of languages. Here are the complete patch notes:

Classics Vehicle Pack #1

  • Paris-Dakar classics arrive to Dakar Desert Rally!
  • Get ready for the new off-road rally experience with the classic champions from Paris-Dakar 1986!
    • Porsche 959 (1986):
      Drive the powerful all-wheel-drive Porsche 959, as René Metge + Dominique Lemoyne and Jacky Ickx + Claude Brasseur did in the 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally!
    • Tatra 815 (1986):
      Experience the amazing 6-wheel Tatra 815, with Karel Loprais, Krpec, and Stachura as in the original Paris-Dakar Rally.

New Features

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Improved overall framerate performance and stability across all platforms.
    • Performance mode added to Xbox One X and Xbox Series S.
  • Quality improvements:
    • Multiple visual improvements and tweaks, including headlight shadows, increased terrain texture resolution, improved cockpit mirror quality on next-gen consoles and PC, enhanced shadow quality and resolution scaling on consoles. 
  • New Language Packs: This includes voice-overs for the following languages:
    • Italian. 
    • German. 
    • Portuguese. 
    • Portuguese-Brazilian.


  • Fuel consumption has been adjusted in Trucks to give them a wider range of travel.


  • Resolved the issue of crashing in the garage.    
  • Resolved issues with cloud save issues. 
  • Improved Steering Wheel Wizard’s compatibility for brands without official support.


  • Trophies “We all stand together” and “Sheikh’en not stirred” can now be unlocked.

New “Classics Vehicle Pack #1” DLC Is Out Now! Read More »

New “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC Is Out Now!

The largest open-world rally racing game adds new vehicles and challenges from the hit off-road simulation franchise

Two amazing Saber Interactive games are coming together for one high-octane off-roading experience. Dakar Desert Rally, the biggest open-world racing game based on the largest rally race on the planet, is introducing a new fleet of vehicles and challenges inspired by the blockbuster off-road game, SnowRunner.

The “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC is free to download now on all platforms for owners of the Dakar Desert Rally Season Pass. It is also available to purchase standalone for $9.99.

Get behind the wheel of five of SnowRunner’s most massively mighty trucks, capable of taking on any challenge: the TUZ 16, TUZ 108, TUZ 420, ZiKZ 605R, and YAR 87.

Overcome extreme open-world environments in either Free Roam mode or Rally Raid competition. Put your skills to the test against the elements with nine new stages and two events exclusive to the “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC.

The release of Patch 1.7 for Dakar Desert Rally is rolling out a number of general game fixes, improvements, and simulation tools like the new steering wheel wizard. Here are the complete patch notes:

New Premium Content

  • SnowRunner Trucks DLC: test your resolve against the scorching sands with NEW SnowRunner Trucks, stages, and events in this Premium DLC.
    • New Trucks:
      – TUZ 16
      – TUZ 108
      – TUZ 420
      – ZiKZ 605R
      – YAR 87
  • New Stages and Events. 
    • Sports Mode – 6 Stages and 1 Event:
      – 01 Bisha
      – 02 Jeddah
      – 03 Alsharaf
      – 04 Gayal
      – 05 Al Ula
      – 06 Shigry
    • Professional Mode – 3 Stages and 1 Event:
      – 01 Jeddah
      – 02 Gayal
      – 03 Shigry

New Features

  • Steering Wheel Wizard: An easy step-by-step solution for players to configure their connected steering wheels and peripherals.
  • Camera FOV lets you configure your FOV for the cockpit, dashboard, hood, and front cameras.
  • Added “Handling Style” to allow players to activate a more challenging experience under Gameplay Options.
  • The steering wheel angle can now be set up to 2,520º if supported by the Steering Wheel Hardware.
  • Cockpit Camera now simulates the wheel rotation of an actual steering wheel when a player is using Steering Wheel hardware.

Additional Steering Wheels Supported

  • SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Wheel Base (PC). 
  • FANATEC GT DD Pro (PC – PS4 – PS5). 
  • LOGITECH PRO Racing Wheel (PC – PS4 – PS5 – X1 – XSX – XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel APEX (PS4 – PS5). 
  • HORI FF Racing Wheel DLX (Xbox One – XSX – XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive (Xbox One – XSX – XSS). 


  • Added more classes of AI vehicles during Professional and Simulation modes to make them feel more realistic.
  • For Professional and Simulation game modes, all vehicles will now be included in the ranking to make these modes feel more realistic.
  • Removed auto-driving in the DSS when playing in Professional and Simulation game modes.
  • Players can configure the Steering wheel angle up to 2,520 degrees on supported hardware.
  • In Simulation Mode with Bikes or Quades when the player doesn’t have a co-pilot, the odometer will only be adjusted automatically on Waypoints. 
  • In Simulation Mode, the Waypoint radius opening distances were adjusted to increase the sim navigation experience.
  • Reduced repetition from the Navigator AI when they speak.
  • Adjusted wheels’ life so flat tires occur more realistically.
  • Added a button to refresh leaderboard information.

New “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC Is Out Now! Read More »

Free Roam driving is now available

We appreciate your patience while our team has been hard at work hard on patches and updates to Dakar Desert Rally. We know this has taken longer than expected, so we wanted to say thank you for all of your feedback and support since the launch. We’re granting all pilots 100,000 Experience Points and 10,000 Dakar Points with our 1.6 patch release.

This patch is just the first of many great content updates we have planned. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Please keep your feedback coming! This patch is just the first of many great content updates we have planned. Stay tuned for more info soon!
– The Dakar Desert Rally Team

New Features

  • Free Roam allows players to experience the full off-road experience across Saudi Arabia.
  • Treasure Hunting is now available in Free Roam Mode. You can find hidden treasures throughout the desert as you explore Saudi Arabia.
  • Reposition has been added to Simulation Mode.


  • Fixed Save Game Management issues.
  • Removed waypoint auto-saves.
  • Fixed when some events on the Saudi Arabia Extended Map are not appearing in Professional and Simulation Modes for Epic Games Store.
  • Fixed Warehouse Management issues.

Steering Wheels

  • Fixed Logitech steering wheel crash on Xbox consoles.
  • Fixed Thrustmaster wheels having no Force Feedback on the PC.
  • Fixed title crashing when connecting Steering Wheels.
  • Fixed G29 key bindings (reverse) Bug fixing Crashes.

Free Roam driving is now available Read More »

Update 1.5 is out now on all platforms

Update 1.5 is now available on all platforms (Playstation, Xbox, and PC)! It includes the Saudi Arabia Extended Map DLC, improvements for Steering Wheel Angle detection, the Navigator, and much more!
Crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store was also added with Update 1.5 for PC.

You can follow Dakar Desert Rally’s updates, by checking the “Updates” section on our game’s official website, and by visiting the Saber Support website.

Full Patch Notes here:


  • Implemented Steering Wheel Angle detection
  • Improved Navigator speed and accuracy
  • Removed the “Top 8” rule from the Professional and Simulation game modes
  • Implemented cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store (PC)
  • Implemented DLSS 3 (PC)

New Content

  • 14 new Sport and Professional events (35 New Stages) using the DLC “Saudi Arabia Extended Map”
  • Saudi Arabia Extended Map DLC simulation events (Dakar Rally 2020, Dakar Rally 2021, Dakar Rally 2022).

7 New Sport Events

  • EVENT #1 – “Empty Quarter Raid”:
     STAGE #1 – Shubaytah
     STAGE #2 – Haradh
     STAGE #3 – Al Ahsa Oasis
  • EVENT #2 – “Dawasir Valley Run”:
     STAGE #1 – Bisha
     STAGE #2 – Wadi Al Dawasir
     STAGE #3 – Haradh
  • EVENT #3 – “Haradh Twist”:
     STAGE #1 – Riyadh
     STAGE #2 – Qiddiya
     STAGE #3 – Haradh
  • EVENT #4 – “Buraydah Rocky Rally”:
     STAGE #1 – Buraydah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
     STAGE #3 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #5– “Ha’il Excursion”
     STAGE #1 – Al Ula
     STAGE #2 – Sakaka
     STAGE #3 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #6 – “Al Alrtawiyah Tour”
     STAGE #1 – Ha’il
     STAGE #2 – Al Qaisumah
     STAGE #3 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #7 – “Jeddah Full Throttle”
     STAGE #1 – Yanbu
     STAGE #2 – Bisha
     STAGE #3 – Jeddah

7 New Professional Events

  • EVENT #1 – “Empty Quarter Raid”
     STAGE #1 – Haradh
     STAGE #2 – Al Ahsa Oasis
  • EVENT #2 – “Dawasir Valley Run”
     STAGE #1 – Bisha
     STAGE #2 – Wadi Al Dawasir
  • EVENT #3 – “Haradh Twist”
     STAGE #1 – Haradh
     STAGE #2 – Riyadh
  • EVENT #4 – “Buraydah Rocky Rally”
     STAGE #1 – Buraydah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #5 – “Al Artawaiyah Tour”
     STAGE #1 – Al Qaisumah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #6 – “Ha’il Excursion”
     STAGE #1 – Sakaka
     STAGE #2 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #7 – “Jeddah Full Throttle”
     STAGE #1 – Yanbu
     STAGE #2 – Jeddah

3 New Simulation Events


  • Stage 1 – JEDDAH – AL WAJH
  • Stage 2 – AL WAJH – NEOM
  • Stage 3 – NEOM – NEOM
  • Stage 4 – NEOM – AL-ULA
  • Stage 5 – AL-ULA – HA’IL
  • Stage 6 – HA’IL – RIYADH
  • Stage 10 – HARADH – SHUBAYTAH
  • Stage 11 – SHUBAYTAH – HARADH
  • Stage 12 – HARADH – QIDDIYA


  • Stage 1 – JEDDAH – BISHA
  • Stage 5 – RIYADH – BURAYDAH
  • Stage 6 – BURAYDAH – HA’IL
  • Stage 7 – HA’IL – SAKAKA
  • Stage 8 – SAKAKA – NEOM
  • Stage 9 – NEOM – NEOM
  • Stage 10 – NEOM – AL ULA
  • Stage 11 – AL ULA – YANBU
  • Stage 12 – YANBU – JEDDAH


  • Stage 1 – HA’IL – HA’IL
  • Stage 2 – HA’IL – AL ARTAWIYAH
  • Stage 4 – AL QAISUMAH – RIYADH
  • Stage 5 – RIYADH – RIYADH
  • Stage 6 – RIYADH – RIYADH
  • Stage 7 – RIYADH – AL-DAWADIMI
  • Stage 10 – WADI AD-DAWASIR – BISHA
  • Stage 11 – BISHA – BISHA
  • Stage 12 – BISHA – JEDDAH

Update 1.5 is out now on all platforms Read More »

Dakar Desert Rally is out now!

Saber Interactive has launched Dakar Desert Rally, the biggest open-world, off-road racing game ever featuring the intense competitive thrill of the largest rally race on the planet. Developed by Saber Porto, Dakar Desert Rally is out now on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC for $39.99.

The Deluxe Edition of Dakar Desert Rally, available for $59.99, includes the full base game plus the Dakar Desert Rally Season Pass, delivering the DAF Truck Turbo-Twin and Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 as day one vehicle unlocks, along with five upcoming DLC packs featuring a new map, new vehicles, and two new rally events, all at a discounted price.

Dakar Desert Rally authentically captures the full scale of one of the world’s most challenging off-road events across over 20,000 square kilometers of diverse terrain with dynamic weather. Choose from some of the sport’s most renowned racing teams, or create your own and build up your garage with a long line of cars, bikes, trucks, quads and SSVs from the world’s top manufacturers. Forge your path to victory across a variety of game modes, including an arcade-style Sport mode for quick pick-up-and-play action, Professional and Simulation modes for a true rally experience, and online multiplayer for up to four players for the ultimate competitive challenge.


Key Features:

The Real Dakar Rally Experience: Discover more than 30 stages of authentic rally racing from the legendary Dakar Rally, fully captured with officially licensed vehicles, teams and pilots.

Immense Open-World Action: Compete at high speeds across sprawling open-world environments that let you explore and forge your own path to victory. But be careful not to break down in the wild…

Dynamic Seasons & Weather: Endure hazardous weather from all four seasons with a full day-night cycle. From blistering sandstorms and blazing desert sunlight to grueling rain, snow and mud, you’ll need to overcome both the elements and the competition to win.

Single-Player & Online Multiplayer: Supercharge your single-player career with a variety of hardcore and arcade game modes, and compete in online multiplayer for up to four players.

Create Your Own Rally Events: Make and share your own intensely challenging race events and stages with the world with Dakar Desert Rally’s custom roadbook editor (available in a free post-launch update).


For more information, check out the game’s official website, and #DaretoDrive by following Dakar Desert Rally on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Facebook.

Give us your feedback:
Let us know what you like, dislike, what you think should be tweaked, tuned, or changed, and what you might like to see in future updates and patches. You can voice your opinions and suggestions on the game’s feedback website.

Report your technical issues:
If you are experiencing any sort of issue or think you’ve found a bug, you can visit Saber Support for assistance.

Keep track of the known issues
You can keep track of the status of the reported issues we’ve identified and are currently investigating here.

Dakar Desert Rally is out now! Read More »