Every worker here is selected by hard skills and soft skills. We will always prefer an honest candidate that communicates truly with us and whom we can count on. Everyone is allowed to be themselves, and we encourage people to be free.

Every member is part of our family. So, if you are open to us, we will always be there for you.


Our Saber Porto community brings their own unique perspective to their craft and their projects. We believe if each of us loves what we are doing, great things come from that! So, we aspire to find people that can fit in our way to work so you don’t have to work any day of your life.

Part of the Team

Diversity is the key to making the best games and entertainment for global audiences, allowing us to innovate by transforming existing ideas and adding our continuously evolving knowledge. You’ll find here a huge family of different cultures all working with the same goal, producing the most incredible games.