job description

Saber Interactive Porto is a videogame developer, part of the Embracer group, known for its work on Dakar Desert Rally, the highly anticipated continuation of Dakar 18, which was developed under the BigMoon flag. Instituted in 2019 after the integration of BigMoon into the larger Saber family, these later years Saber Interactive Porto has been growing exponentially not only in team size, but also in infrastructure, always aiming for the best quality of all the ongoing and future projects. For this very reason, Saber Porto Interactive is constantly looking for the most talented, dedicated, and passionate people to join our ranks. If you feel enthusiastic about a LIGHT ARTIST position, feel free to send us your application and give yourself a chance to come and work with us.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Understand the game design and artistic direction documents to become familiar with the challenges that will impact game lighting and be able to propose atmosphere and lighting ideas;

  • Work with the Graphic technical director and programmers to create lighting-specific tools and features;

  • Design lighting systems that will support the atmosphere and gameplay effects and highlight the work of other working units;

  • In addition to light sources, set out the selected moods and atmospheres;

  • Have the artistic director and technical director validate the quality of the lighting and make any changes that are requested;

  • Verify the quality of the lighting once the elements are imported into the game and make any necessary improvements;

  • Communicate with other working units to look into the root causes of lighting issues;

  • Be a point of contact for other project working groups and production sites (outsourcing) for technical lighting issues to solve any lighting problems and enhance the quality of the product;

  • Fix the lighting bugs entered by testers;

  • Optimize the lighting effects to produce the best possible lighting, in keeping with the technical limitations of the engine;

The ideal candidate will have:

  • College diploma in modelling for video games or equivalent.

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in shading, texture, special effects, image processing or another relevant field;

  • Experience in photography an asset;

  • Experience in computer graphics or pre-rendering an asset.